Borderings webinar series

Want to find out more about displacement, gender and health? Check out the Borderings webinar series, a collaborative series from Centre for Gender and Global Health, Lancet Migration and the UCL Migration Research Unit.

Spanning the globe, exploring everything from dialectics of disease to public health policy, the Borderings webinar series delves deeper into the complex and messy nexus of health, displacement and gender.

Are Single Male Labour Migrants Being Neglected?

Recent media attention on the outbreaks of COVID-19 in migrant camps have exposed the pervasive vulnerability of labour migrants. From crowded living environments to dangerous working conditions, low paid temporary employment to unstable visa status, labour migrants’ health is contoured by a series of structural determinants and social factors. In the first in the Borderings series, we explore the globalised and structural challenges faced by labour migrants, the gaps in both research and policy for the population and the human rights implications that these gaps have.

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Is Migrant Health Racialised?

From explicit tabloid media’s racial ‘othering’ of migrants to the more implicit racial tonality of political rhetoric and immigration policy, race undeniably plays a major role in political and media discourse surrounding migration, but what role does it play in migrant health? Spiralling through dialectics of disease and racial states, neo-racism and cultural competency, the panel crafts a rich and complex image of how conceptions of race, racialisation and neo-racism have become a determinant of migrant health.

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Are we moving backwards? The multiple jeopardy of gender-based violence, migration and COVID-19

In times of emergency, gender-based violence is known to increase, as has been seen in the COVID-19 pandemic. Migrants are a group particularly vulnerable to GBV, facing a unique set of risks that may present before, during or after migration exacerbated by factors such as inadequate legal, state or social protective contexts. The third Borderings webinar provocatively questions; ‘are we moving backwards?’ and address the multiple jeopardy of migration, GBV and COVID-19, and, importantly, how we can respond.

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Those not covered: What happens when public health & immigration debates clash?

Public health in its broad sense expands beyond traditional approaches to disease prevention to address socio-economic and political variables that are associated with health and health inequities. However, public health responses to migrants’ health often clash with the treatment of migrants in their host countries and governments’ responses to migration in the form of immigration laws. In the final webinar of the Borderings series, we explore how immigration laws in the UK directly or indirectly impact public health, unpacking the barriers to child and maternal health; conflicts between public health and detention laws in the time of pandemic; and how civil society is challenging immigration laws in order to advocate for better healthcare for migrants.

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